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Good Mark
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The Good Mark ring is worn on the Phantom's left hand (closer to the heart), and bears the symbol of crossed sword-hilts in the shape of P's. Like the Skull ring, it has been part of the Phantom's life for 400 years.

The Phantom's Good Mark is a mark of protection. It is given to someone who had saved the Phantom's life. The Phantom places it on the right wrist of the person he pledges to protect, and the mark is permanent. Those who receive it, and their descendants, are forever under the protection of the Phantom. This is a powerful gift. In some cases, the families have adopted the symbol as a "good luck charm" long after its true meaning has been forgotten.

He has also been known to place it (and his protection) on a building, such as Dr. Axel's hospital, or the Castle Vacul.

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