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3rd Phantom
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The Third Phantom
The Phantom who almost didn't become a Phantom was sent to England to be educated in a monastery. But his fiery, rebellious nature soon led him to run away and join a theatrical company in London under the direction of a popular playwright/actor/director, William Shakespeare. Shakespeare soon saw the dedication and potential in the young boy. Since women were not allowed on the stage in that time, all female roles were played by men, and Shakespeare cast young Kit in the role of Juliet in the first production of "Romeo and Juliet". It is said the the playwright placed the wig on the young actor's head himself!

Meanwhile, word reached The Second Phantom in Bengalla that his son had disappeared in London! The Second immediately traveled to England, and soon discovered that his son had become an actor. When he saw his son on stage dressed as a girl, he almost had a heart attack. He stood up in the audience and demanded to know what was going on.

After the play, he insisted that his son return with him to the Deep Woods to continue the tradition of the Phantom, but the boy pleaded with him to let him stay with the theatrical company. The Second could see how much his son loved the actor's life, and because he had a deep love for him, the Second agreed to let young Kit remain with the company. In turn, the boy agreed to return to the Deep Woods when the time came.

Eventually, that unhappy day overtook him, and he received word of his father's death. Dutifully, he returned to the Deep Woods, where he accepted his final role -- that of the Third Phantom.

It was The Third Phantom who rescued Sultan Mamoud Ben Al'lina from a bandit attack in the Bengalla Jungle. The Sultan was one of the richest and most powerful men in the world. In gratitude the Sultan offered to repay the Phantom with any item from his treasure.... except the Diamond Cup of Alexander. That was a betrothal gift, which he asked the Phantom to deliver to the sultan's intended bride, the Princess Pura.

The Phantom accepted the assignment. When he reached the Maharajah's palace and met the princess, he was instantly smitten by her beauty. Controlling himself, the Phantom offered the cup to the princess, but she spurned it, saying that she didn't love the old sultan and didn't want to marry him. Her father was trying to force her do so, she explained. Indeed, despite her rejection of the gift, the Maharajah insisted that the Phantom take her back to the sultan, unaware of the Phantom's feelings for her.

Now completely in love with the princess, the Phantom nevertheless felt honor-bound to deliver her to the sultan. The journey through the jungle was hazardous. A typhoon swept away all the accompanying troops, but the masked man managed to save Pura and her nurse. In the midst of it all, the Princess revealed to the Phantom that she was desperately in love with him, but his honor wouldn't permit him take her away, as she begged. She even tried to throw herself off a cliff in despair.

When they reached the sultan, the Phantom refused to turn over the princess, and offered to return the Diamond Cup. He was arrested. The sultan had him placed in an arena with his sword and his horse, matched against three man-eating tigers, so Pura could watch his death. Instead, she leapt into the ring to die with her love. Horrified, the sultan had the tigers shot, and the Phantom grabbed the princess and rode off with her to Deep Woods, where they were married. During the ceremony, an unexpected wedding guest arrived -- the sultan, with a full escort, to give the bride away! When he saw Pura leap into the arena he realized the depth of her love for the Phantom. He forgave them both and presented them with the Diamond Cup of Alexander as a wedding present.

To this day, this priceless piece of history remains in the Phantom's Treasure Room, his most valuable inheritance.

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